Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My new theme-o-matic is here!

Q: What becomes of my monthly themes once the month ends?

A: They become theme-o-matics!

I'm happy to say that the third denisebrain theme-o-matic is up and wholly functional. Included are some favorites, including Campy (aptly subtitled by a reader "early Barbie goes camping. Oh, and meets a bear"), Wild Thing (showing my roots) and Wonderland (in which I unwittingly anticipated the release of the Alice in Wonderland movie).

Click on image to take you to the theme-o-matic...and sound on for the full effect

There have been two other theme-o-matics, so if you're in the mood...


Anonymous said...

I’m dizzy! (fav)

Jojo's Retro and Vintage said...

I think these are so fantastic! How clever! What do you use to create them?

denisebrain said...

Thank you! They are built in Flash... and require a once-a-month creative burst of energy (which is sometimes the hardest part)!