Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you name the vintages?

What years were these items made?

(What looks like a heel on this shoe is a actually a display stand)


Louise said...

I think this is one of these where it is much earlier than you think... so I guess 1938.

denisebrain said...

{I'm going to leave this unanswered for a couple more days then say when and who created these.}

BaronessVonVintage said...

those first ones are driving me crazy...are they some sort of 20s/30s beach shoes or much later? I see Claire McCardell in here...that last that a late 20s Sonja Delaunay? Black suit, later 30s Schiaparelli?? I'm wildly guessing over here

denisebrain said...

Accurate or at least very close on all counts! The shoe prototypes are Steven Arpad, and I show more of his work in this blog:

You're right about a McCardell, and more of her from the late 30s has just been posted in this blog:

The other two are Schiaparelli, and I will show off more of her work dated 1939 (all these pieces date from 1939) very soon.