Friday, July 8, 2011

I thank you, the manatees thank you

Thanks to you and your purchases, I've reached my goal of making $500 for the Save the Manatee Club. Anyone who knows me well knows I am very concerned for these endangered animals, and when I received an urgent plea from the Save the Manatee Club about a month ago, I decided to set aside a portion of my earnings from

The goal has been reached, and the manatees will have a little more support from denisebrain...and my wonderful customers!

Thank you so much!

Further contributions will always be appreciated and needed at the Save the Manatee Club, guaranteed.


dd said...

Manatees are such a great cause.

I remember when I was young, going to the warm waters around a nuclear power plant (yuck) and the manatees would swim around there during the winter. My mom would take us by a marina before school to see them.

denisebrain said...

I'm glad to hear you care about manatees too! How fortunate you had a chance to see them growing up.