Saturday, July 16, 2011

Innovative clothing of 1939: Elsa Schiaparelli

In my occasional series on clothing of 1939, I am showing some items that surprise me at their modernity. See Can you name the vintages? for the work of some designers that seems astonishingly new to this day. In previous blogs I showed some ca. 1939 work by Steven Arpad and by Claire McCardell. One of the most interesting designers just prior to WWII is undoubtedly Elsa Schiaparelli. Here are a few of the Metropolitan Museum's Schiaparellis, dated 1939.

Wool and silk suit

Wool and silk coat

Silk evening blouse

Silk evening pumps
Silk evening ensemble
Cotton seed packet dress

Music dress and gloves manufactured by the House of Lesage

Silk evening dress

In the mid to late 30s, Schiaparelli collaborated with Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali to create some now iconic surrealist fashions...well worth a blog all their own.


FrocksandFrillsVintage said...

That wool and silk coat is so strangely appealing. Who would have thought that wearing something that resembles your grandmother's quilt could look so chic?

denisebrain said...

I never thought of a quilt, but I definitely see what you mean! The simple cut certainly plays up the geometric pattern.

El said...

I, most assuredly, love those silk evening pumps.
Striped shoes... don't see those every day.
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