Saturday, August 6, 2011

A model? Me??

Not long ago I received the great honor of being Lulu's Pick for Best Vintage Model.

It's hard for me to think of myself as a model...I'm not supremely young and supremely thin, and I'm not beautiful, any more than anyone else. I started my vintage business showing the items on myself partly to distinguish myself from other sellers (I don't think there were other sellers showing their items on people at the time I started), and partly to say if I can do this, so can you.

I kept hearing people say that vintage was fine for others, but they couldn't do it themselves as much as they'd like to. I thought if a more-or-less average person could be seen wearing vintage clothing, it might help people consider. I love wearing vintage clothing, and I wanted to express that in my photos. I consider what I do a sort of act, but it's one I do sincerely.

I collect and study photos taken during my favorite time in fashion, ca. 1935-75, and I am inspired by the happy- healthy- interesting-looking women who modeled. Between their rare talents and the talents of great photographers, there is a world of inspiration.

I particularly like photos that have motion and/or tell a story. Richard Avedon and Louise Dahl-Wolfe took my favorite photos so far, and I'd have to say Suzy Parker is my favorite model, although there are so many great choices.

Carmen dell’Orefice, photo by Richard Avedon

Lauren Hutton, photo by Richard Avedon

Mary Jane Russell, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Mary Sykes, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Naomi Sims, photographer unknown

Suzy Parker, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Suzy Parker and Robin Tattersall, photo by Richard Avedon

Recently, I bought several catalogues from the late 50s to early 60s and frankly, this is really more what I'm capable of trying to emulate...just don't ask for a suit for $6.97!

One of the best things I've ever seen written about my modeling was “she seems to invite everyone else in for the fun, instead of trying to be cooler than her buyers.” Another: “One can easily put herself in place of Denisebrain and imagine stepping out on the town.”

Exactly what I hope for.


Louise said...

I would totally agree- you are the best vintage model I've seen!
You bring the clothes to life and it always looks as if you are having lots of fun- and itsn't it true that you should find a job you love, because then it won't really be like work!

Louise said...

I think Louise Dahl Woolfe was my favourite. Not only because her name was Louise, but because her photos have this earthiness about them, while still being fantasy. Every photo is a little work of art.

The Witchery Vintage said...

What a wonderful posting! Congratulations! You are truly beautiful inside and out! xoxo

denisebrain said...

Thank you for your kind comments! I do have lots of fun...I love what I do.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe is such a favorite for me too. One of the reasons is that she treats women absolutely as people that I can relate to.