Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Queen, 1953

Back to Queen Elizabeth again, because I just had the pleasure of finding a thick (176-page) booklet commemorating the coronation, dated 1953, and entitled The Queen.

The booklet has scores of photos of all the extended royal family at the time, including this charming one of young Princess Elizabeth—with a corgi, of course.

There are many splendid photos of the coronation (unfortunately not credited).

I am struck by how much some of the models in the ads seem to look like (or be styled like) the young queen. 

Gown by Worth of London 
Advertisement for Jenners - Princes Street, Edinburgh

And then there are all the ads that celebrate the occasion with royal flourishes

This last ad ends (after quoting Ben Jonson) “That the reign of her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may be long and glorious is the loyal wish of Coty” —clearly a fashionable coronation!

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