Monday, January 6, 2014

Vintage resolutions

I happened to run across someone’s New Year’s Resolutions on Pinterest recently, laid out with one per month, twelve resolutions in all.

This sounds really doable to me, having a single goal per month—and I’m all about finding a way to accomplish resolutions! Maybe by the end of the year the best will have stuck.

I hereby announce my 12 Vintage Resolutions for 2014, and believe me, these actually all do have to do with vintage clothing and accessories.

Image via Photobucket
January: Edit out and recycle everything that is not being worn in my closet. My closet is smaller than this one, and certainly not as neat. I would like to make it as happy, bright, inviting and wearable as I possibly can.

How does this have to do with vintage? I will be making room for the great vintage items that I don’t feel I can squeeze in right now!

A 1940s satin dressing gown that I sold a few years back
February: Dress like a star at home. No, I don’t mean to start sitting around sipping champagne, dripping in diamonds! I mean always treating myself well, even at unseen moments, by dressing in something that makes me feel happy. As a vintage clothing dealer I have sold many an item that would certainly qualify, and these items tend to tug at me...I feel slightly jealous of the people who purchase them. I actually feel spiritually unhappy when I dress down, so why not carry this into every moment of my life?

Emma Stone in a red that might work for me too
March: Wear a color I don’t usually wear. Yes, I am fairly aware of the colors that work well on me and make good use of those as often as I can. I do think, though, that I could see what happens with some colors that I am not so used to wearing. Perhaps I can find a red that looks best on me, and a white that doesn’t make me feel too stark. I plan to experiment, both with colors and combinations of colors, from various eras.
Threads magazine tutorial
April: Mend and clean clothing and improve skills. This is a first-class no brainer! My pile of mending and washing is ready to go, and almost everything in it is a vintage item I love. I keep up on the mending and cleaning for my business much better than I keep up with my own. I think it’s time to catch up, including figuring out how to take care of some things that I find tricky.

Yes, a black jacket is absolutely basic to me
May: Supplant my search for basic clothing with vintage basics. I don’t buy much new clothing, but find it occasionally imperative to go with new to keep myself in shoes and socks, for instance. I will spend May making a list of the basics I tend to need every year or so and then look for their equivalents in the world of vintage. I also will decide for myself what is a basic...we probably all have a different set of ideas.

June: Wear scarves. Oh fun! I have scarves galore, almost all vintage from my own past and family members’ pasts. There is positively no excuse for how little I make use of these. I hope to learn new ways with scarves of all shapes and sizes.

From the RLPhotography blog
July: Look for style inspiration. I always am looking for style inspiration, but this July I will put extra focus on vintage style inspirations, whether from the past or being worn well by modern women. Expect to see too much of me on Pinterest!

Could this be it? From VintageFrocksOfFancy on Etsy
August: Find or decide upon the perfect go-to black dress. If ever there was a usable item, the perfect black dress might be it. I will look at this from various angles, including what I’d wear the dress for and what suits me best. You can be sure it will be vintage.

Vogue - July 1939  by André Durst
September: Wear hats. I have some beautiful vintage hats and I tend to wear them for special occasions if at all. Everyone tells me they love hats, but just can’t bring themselves to wear them. Maybe they need someone to lead the parade?

1930s dress resolution may involve sewing
October: Wear an era that I don’t usually wear. I am big on 1940s and 50s and some 1960s and 70s styles. I really like the look of a sweet 1930s print, and the longer lengths of the time, but I’ve never worn 1930s clothing myself. 

Or maybe I will find something to knock me out from the 1980s...or explore Victorian...

I know I will wear my mother’s beautiful blue glass ring from the 1940s
November: Wear something meaningful to me every day. I have plenty of interesting family items, souvenirs from long-ago vacations, gifts from my favorite people and other items with great karma. I resolve to wear at least one of these each day in November. 

Vogue, December 1, 1935
December: Find at least one vintage item to give for Christmas. I don’t take this lightly because I know that I can impose my taste on someone else if I don’t watch out. But deep down I know there is something vintage that would please and suit every man, woman and child. I just have to figure out what that is!

Anyone care to play along? I’d love to know what your vintage resolutions are, and I‘d also love to have you join me with my resolutions during any of these months. I promise to share my results, if you promise to share yours!


Louise said...

I love your resolutions!
I'm going to follow one for sure- I am going to dress like a star at home. What a brilliant idea! I have a few nice vintage nightgowns and pajamas and I vow to wear them at least once a week for the rest of the year.
As for my own resolutions, I want to try to dress my children in vintage, or at the least, more second hand clothing so I'm not contributing to the problems of sweat shops and overflowing landfills.

denisebrain said...

Great! Louise, I always do admire your dedication to vintage and 2nd-hand clothing.

Let me know how the star-at-home resolution works for you, will you?