Monday, October 27, 2014

What’s to love about 1970s retro?

By now I have a flat-out crush on 1970s retro-inspired clothing. I can’t quite see myself tripping down the street in the full kit, so I’ve winnowed the looks for my favorite aspects.

1. Platforms and walkable heels
2. Bright tights, patterned tights and ankle socks

3. Fun plastic jewelry and flowers

4. Art deco-style prints
5. Flowing trousers

6. Colorful vintage-y makeup and romantic hair

7. Cloches, berets, headbands and turbans

8. Flowing flowery fabrics

9. 1920s-, 30s- and 40s-style dresses (especially the 40s!)

What can I’s just a happy, colorful look! 

All images credited to the best of my ability on my Pinterest board 70s retro-inspired fashions

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