Monday, December 22, 2014

I need your help for Conservation Northwest

I need your help right now. I am going away on vacation—the first in many years—and my work for Conservation Northwest is unfinished.

I have a couple of days before I promised to deliver $500 to this great cause that protects the ecosystems of the Northwest. This area is the home of grizzlies, wolves, mountain lions and woodland caribou, old growth forests, pristine wilderness...and steady encroachment from human occupation and interests. We in the Northwest are the keepers of much of what is considered wild and wonderful in the U.S. Help me help Conservation NW to preserve this national and world treasure for all time.

I may go on vacation, but I won’t go happily without finishing this. Please either find something you love at (Etsy shop and web store) where 25% of your purchase price will go to CNW, or consider a direct donation at my page.

Some of the most beloved creatures on earth are counting on us.

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