Monday, February 29, 2016


The photographer Philippe Halsman defied gravitas when he asked his heretofore sitters to jump.

He first took the leap in 1952 while photographing members of the Ford family, asking if Mrs. Edsel Ford wouldn’t mind jumping. The effect was a truly human spontaneity. Soon, Halsman had captured the jumps of many of the greats of the 1950s, including politicians, royalty, academics, artists, actors and comedians. The results are recorded in Philippe Halsman’s Jump Book, published in 1959 and republished in 1986.

On this leap day, why not take a leap, literally, or of faith, in the dark or at a chance?

Grace Kelly
Lena Horne
Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn


Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! Very apropos for the day. I love all the photos but Audrey is wonderful. Absolutely right about capturing the moment. All the best. Denise

Val said...