Monday, March 21, 2016

Vintage for really busy women

Do you get up, throw on the first presentable item, make breakfast and lunch and drive your kids to school on the way to work?

Then you may think that vintage fashion is a luxury that you don’t have the time to afford.

No need to be overwhelmed! Just take a deep breath and consider what vintage will work best for you. And it will work, with the attributes of better quality for the money, saving the world’s limited resources, something no one else is wearing and the opportunity for self-expression. Also—dare I say it?—a chance to have fun.

I would suggest taking what you are currently wearing as a starting place. Are you the type that wears pants and a sweater? A dress and jacket? Go look for the equivalent pieces in vintage.

I know that vintage princess-y poofy formals, dramatic flapper dresses and siren swimsuits are the sorts of things that we most know and love about vintage. There is a place for the most outgoing of vintage pieces in your wardrobe, but for the busy woman who wants vintage to mix in as part of her day-to-day life, start with what you wear now.

Here are some great vintage choices illustrated by street style bloggers, and some options currently available on Etsy from seller-members of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

A blazer
Courtesy of Jessica Abo

A blouse
Courtesy of The Sartorialist

A sweater
Courtesy of Nora Finds

A skirt
Courtesy of The Sartorialist

A coat
Courtesy of The Art of the Trench/Burberry

Accessories make perfect choices, and if you are having a hard time dipping your toe into the water, these are great starting places.

A bag
Courtesy of Hummingbird Girls


Courtesy of That's Life

A scarf
Courtesy of Chicago Street Style

Courtesy of Street Style Sacramento

Shoes (that look great and you can actually walk in!)
Courtesy of Collage Vintage

If you could use a primer, I’ve written a stage by stage guide to getting started with vintage.

Here’s hoping you can put your feet up at the end of the day—not because they hurt, but to show off your great vintage shoes!

What about you, do you lead a very busy life and wear vintage? Any tips from your own experience? Please comment and let us know!


Charlotte Issyvoo said...

Lovely post. Now I need to check out all the people you feature in it. Yes, I wear vintage. Hoo boy, do I ever wear vintage! I swear it started out of necessity. I was poor, really really really poor, and I liked nice clothing, shoes, and jewelry. But, also, I've always wanted to look different from others. I never felt an urge to fit in. The mall was the place to buy things to fit in and that was not me. I'm 45 now and the passion does not wane. It grows.

And guess what? I just got a pair of glasses just like yours in the first photo -- for a mere $20. I'm going to get my prescription put in them and dazzle the world with my oddity.

denisebrain said...

Excellent, you and your growing vintage passion!

I love my vintage frames and can so see you in similar—those would be a great find at $20. I think I paid just littttttle more. :)