Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Appreciation for the vintage travel poster

Before we traveled in cramped airline seats wearing t-shirts and shorts, before we started carrying tiny bottles of liquids in quart-sized plastic bags, before being charged for even a single piece of luggage—there were real holidays.

These holidays, which I know from looking at stunning vintage travel posters, featured men and women who would alternate between wearing hats and gloves, beach robes, formal wear and linen suits. They traveled not only by plane but by ocean liner and train, funicular and gondola. The scenery was majestic and unspoiled, the accommodations were opulent.

So maybe the traveling wasn’t that good but the posters were. They inspired dreams.

These vintage travel poster reproductions available from Venus Valentino

And why shouldn’t we aspire to see perfectly symmetrical palms against a clear blue sky while wearing flowered organza and carrying a parasol? 

Oh to travel, not just in space but in time—and into the realm of the great poster artists’ imaginations.

What vintage items make the cut when you have the chance to travel on holiday? What vintage travel-themed and tourist souvenir items do you love and collect? 

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