Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I love my vintage clothing sources

My favorite answer to that perennial vintage clothing question about where I find the clothes I have to offer is: Real women. I love to know the people I buy from, any stories they might have about their clothing and about their lives. They often get huge smiles hearing that their clothing is going to be appreciated again, and are eager to talk.

Here is one such woman. Jacquelyn lives in the San Francisco area where she has been more or less all her life, still with her one and only true love. Her most glamorous clothing dates from the 40s, when she was young and had to dress well, as the hostess of an officer's club. However, she never stopped being a show-stopper, as her clothing attests.

Here is Jacquelyn with her mother Ailene, out shopping in the early 40s, as shot by a San Francisco paper:

The woman's panache was and is incredible, and I believe it is in her temperament. Here are some (just some!) of her magnificent clothes. I felt very lucky to squeeze into just a few of her garments. She's about 5' 2" and has always been très petite. The only thing size XL is her smile!