Monday, March 12, 2007

An attempt at a personal philosophy

At last, I have an idea of who I am in words...but I didn't write them! These are by Alec Wilder (1907-1980) a composer whose music I've relished playing.

In spite of my need for the levity of laughter, I am hourly infuriated by stupidity, indifference and lack of style. My only ambition is to be a better person and a better creator. It is increasingly difficult, but I attempt to keep an open mind and a hungry heart--a constant need for wonderment and magic. I'm a fiend for order, self-discipline and morality. I do not equate the new or the original with the superior. I believe in interdependence, and therefore, tradition. My life has been divided between travel and music and my friends and solitude. Occasionally I just lock my door and stay alone, and that way I can refill my cup, and when I open the door and take off again I have something to pass along. I hate to see people I love unless I have enough to give them.

Currently listening :
Nighthawks: The Complete Music for Horn & Piano by Alec Wilder
By Alec Wilder
Release date: 17 March, 1995

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