Monday, March 19, 2007

How does a girl keep up her style?

I have been reading fashion mags since I was about 14, and never before have I seen such high prices for new fashion items shown in magazines. Congratulations if you have the reserves to put into a pair of shoes that will last you a year, style-wise, and cost you a cool $300-$500. All power to you, but please pause to think.

If an item was created by expert and well-paid craftspeople, then the item is likely worth the cost. I encourage those who can to pay the full price for high quality clothing, made by well-paid workers creating beautiful fashions...yes! However, if you can, stand up to the high prices for ordinary clothing by searching for extraordinary vintage. Never before in the last 30 years has vintage represented a greater quality-for-the-price ratio. Walmart does not have real clothing, and Target has clothing nicely designed for hangers. Those low prices reflect items of no more value than Kleenex. Actually less, as these items will not serve their purpose for what has been considered a normal lifespan.

Clothing should not be as disposable as Kleenex!

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