Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A tiny fraction of Mrs. Alexander's clothing

As promised, here are some of my favorite wins from the auction in which Helen South Alexander's clothing was sold.

Anne Fogarty

Fringed-skirt late 40s suit from Bernard's, Spokane

Adele Simpson

Claire McCardell

Another Claire McCardell

Ceil Chapman

Louella Ballerino for Jantzen

Louella Ballerino for Jantzen...in green

Hollywood Sport Life

Irish linen and silk


No-label 40s

Donald Brooks

Nani, Hawaii

Hand-embroidered Mexican

Morton Bregman

Pat Hartley

Marguerite Rubel

No-label but stunning 40s strapless

Edith Small

B.H. Wragge


Mustard wool unlabeled

Handmade taffeta


David Crystal

Frederick & Nelson, Seattle

Unlabeled 40s wrap top

Red linen and wool

Miriam Gross

Hand-embroidered Mexican

Bernard's, Spokane

No label 40s jacket

Harvey Berin Designed by Karen Starck


Then there are the two things I haven't been able to part with, an unlabeled 40s outfit...

...and a Patricia Lester silk outfit from the 70s

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