Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This girl *gets* it in her genes?

This was written by my niece, Flora Wilds, who is in 8th grade. Love this girl, and love the way she thinks!

Attack of the Shoes

Click-clack, click-clack
Can you hear them talking?
Click-clack, click-clack
All the shoes are walking

Sitting in a cardboard box
In the stores all day
Waiting for some lucky buyer
To purchase and take them away

Stilettos, pumps, boots, and flats
Each have different personalities
Dressy, sporty, new, and old
Living in their own realities

Designer, vintage, men's, and women's
Plain, bold, and polka-dotted
Sitting lonely on a shelf
Anticipating being spotted

But when they are purchased and taken home
Off the shelf to be free
Worn by their owners (a shoes greatest joy)
So they, too, can click-clack happily

Some shoes smile, some frown, some have a pointy nose
Some like to show five white teeth (or toes)
Some shoes are short, others are tall
And to each other they endlessly call
In voices big and small:

"Hey! Look at me!
I'm the most beautiful shoe!
I'm shiny, I'm red, and I'm new!
I click and I clack
And I'm on the attack!
For I am the prettiest shoe!

Shoes can be vengeful and ever so tight
Yet some can be comfortable and free
But no matter what, they love to be worn
By you, and by her, and by me

So be kind to your shoes and wear them alot
Because they have feelings, too
Keep your feet clean (and don't ever smell)
Because they're the ones carrying you!

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