Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vintage clothing on Google, page 75

Recently I ran across something about Neanderthals: Some scientists now believe that they died out and were replaced by Homo sapiens largely because they were not as adaptive. Apparently, they used similar tools for tens of thousands of years without significant changes.

Which brings me to myself. The fact is that I find it so very hard to move on to the next thing always. I still keep books mostly by pen on paper, and when I do creative writing it is always by hand. I work online, and know how to type, and I'm very glad for those little steps I've taken.

Recently I was exposed to the concept of Google AdWords, and I read of people striving to create the perfect verbiage to be picked up on Google, to be almighty found in the vast sea of information and commerce.

Today, as a Homo sapien that probably has a drop of Neanderthal blood, I want to laud those who have not achieved among the first pages of Google in vintage clothing. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at page 75 in the search "vintage clothing," and on it are some fine things! I have purchased an item from Frock of Ages and I can say that whenever I check back, there is something sensational on sale. Look at the little black dresses by Suzy Perette, for instance.

On page 75 I see a piece about Xtabay, a wonderful shop I've visited in Portland. Not only is it a great shop with an interesting name, but the owner is a smart and sensitive person who has an amazing eye for what works on people.

Then there's Marian's Vintage Vanities Clothing, and who wouldn't want this 50s halter dress for $35?

I don't really know my point...maybe just that holding still doesn't necessarily mean one is worthless. For my sake, I hope not.

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