Monday, June 18, 2007

Another favorite source

In previous blogs I have introduced a couple of women from whom I have had the privilege of acquiring clothing. This is about Juana and the contents of her closet.

It really is a privilege to dip into a woman's closets with the woman right there to talk to. Juana is--at what looks from the history of her clothing--to be about 80, but her actual appearance is of someone at least a decade younger. She and her husband were planning a move into a retirement home when I met her, and her height and fine-featured beauty were so unusual that I pried and found out that she had worked as a model for one of Spokane's department stores, The Bon Marche.

I could tell that she had previously let go of much of her clothing from before the late 60s, but there were a few choice items dating back to the early 40s. I love the outgoing taste and expression she found in her clothing! Here is a sampling:

Early 40s pajama top

Early 40s suit

Hand-painted Mexican skirt

Plastic and rhinestone shoes

Miss Egypt

Veil hat

Herbert Sondheim


Wool suit

60s suede

Green feather toque

Pauline Trigere

Teal Traina

Yellow feather toque

Norman Kaplan

Icing pink leather Lilli Ann

Lilli Ann knit suit

Another 60s Lilli Ann

Easter bonnet extraordinaire

Jane Andre

Jane Andre with city names embroidered

Rinaldi party shoes

DeWeese swimsuit

Alfred Shaheen

White lace

White wicker

Young Edwardian

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