Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Talk about an inspirational woman...

I am really honored and touched by a portion of a personal web page devoted to me here.

Mary Beth, who wrote this, is someone I met through sales on eBay. I do often meet wonderful people, and am so gratified by their kind comments about my work. I am so grateful for what Mary Beth has written because it really helped me realize that I am offering something positive to people. I need that.

Mary Beth is struggling with a disease that I have just barely begun to understand. From what I can tell, she is battling just to live, at the same time living a gloriously positive, meaningful, beautiful life. I deeply appreciate knowing that too, because sometimes I struggle to get by, in various ways. If she can do it, I'll try!

She wrote about me as an inspiration to her, and I can only begin to say what an inspiration she is to me.

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