Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Favorite Vintage of 2008

Another one of those year-end round ups, this one summons my opinionated, forgetful memory of favorite vintage items I offered over the course of 2008. Ever hopeful, I believe there will be even better to offer in 2009, so please don't be discouraged if you feel you missed out on something this year!

First, Good Coming and Going

Sue Leslie with extravagant peplum

40s summer suit with back pleats

Unlabeled but extraordinary 50s

50s Sea Stars swimsuit

50s Loma Leads

50s pink roses

Iridescent lavender stilettos

Bustle-back 40s

Prints Charming

Pink roses
1940s clock faces
Cool people print 50s skirt
Paris print 50s full-skirt dress
70s Denise Are There halter maxi dress
Best Cinderella print 50s skirt

Black and White Gingham
...with big bow
...with red flag
...and by Jacques Fath for Halpert
(You can't tell I like red with black and white, can you?)

Lavender Fields

by Suzy Perette
by Nelly Don in the 30s
50s cotton
Silvery lavender quilted circle skirt

White out
Acres of tulle from the 50s
Pink embroidered sheath
Here comes the (60s) bride
50s capri jumpsuit
20s charmer
Glamorous 50s feather hat

Sheer Pleasure
30s burgundy lace
Late 40s summer suit 60s heavy lace by Nat Kaplan

Feeling Blue
Another Nat Kaplan, this time in silk
Cornflower cashmere
Mod Mary Janes
Linen and satin sheath
Clutch coat with cream satin quilted lining
Frothy blue tulle
Rose Marie Reid bloomer suit...who would think it could be a flattering style, but it is!
In the Pink
Satin 70s
Satin 50s
Satin 40s
Rhinestone-studded 50s
Early 60s organza

My Favorite Decade, the 1940s

Squiggle print
Salt and pepper
Detailed navy

Sweetest dressing gown, from I. Magnin

Studded black x 3

Love those big sleeves
Glittering coral
Built-in corsage

Silk chiffon
Best-dressed cat
Stretch leopard

For the Golden Girl
40s bridesmaid
50s silk shantung
I Wish I'd Had Two of These, and One Was Still with Me (Yes, it really is hard to sell some things that I love)

Alfred Shaheen undersea print sundress
To-die-for bias fit
Turquoise brocade sheath
All-out glamour in black taffeta with studs
Red veil hat with velvet ribbons that look to me like HIV/AIDS awareness symbols

The year hasn't been the easiest for so many, me included, but if I learned anything in 2008, it is that anything is possible, and to never give up hope.

May your coming year be filled with hope!