Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The suitcase lot

From time to time I like to highlight collections of clothing that I gather from the same place, and I love to introduce the woman who wore the clothing.

In this installment, I know not the woman, I only met her grand niece. When the grand niece came to my door, she plopped down a pretty beat up and unattractive vinyl suitcase--looked like early 80s. I wasn’t too hopeful, but in the suitcase were these items, among others:

I don’t know the woman who wore these, but she was definitely tall, and what a sense of style! I still have a few more of her items, just need to put a new zipper in a suit and get a spot out of a blouse.

One funny thing: I was really excited about the clothing and the grand niece said there was just one thing she really wanted to keep. I said, "of course, make sure you keep what you want" (mentally biting my nails, thinking it would be something spectacular). She wanted the beat up suitcase! Wellllllll, okaaaaaaaay, if you must!

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