Thursday, April 10, 2008



1. Why "denisebrain?" I answer that in my second blog here.

2. Where do you find your vintage items? I haunt 2nd-hand stores, antique stores, thrifts, estate and garage sales, auctions; make friends with vintage dealers who sometimes pass on items or connections that might interest me; put ads in various papers; occasionally sell items on consignment from good customers and/or friends; carry my business card and tell people what I do at any opportune time.

3. Do you actually fit in all the clothes you sell? Abso-LUTE-ly not!! I wear a sort of small to medium size, about a US size 6. If the item I'm modeling is too big for me, no trouble, I just pin it with clothespins to approximate a good fit. If it is too small, that's tougher. I sometimes have to tape the dress to me, or clip openings that won't close. I can pretty easily portray a good fit from about US size 4 to 18. BTW, I NEVER show an item with a fit other than the one that was intended. So, if the dress is cut as a shift, I won't clip it into a sheath.

4. What is your favorite vintage decade? My very favorite is 1940s, followed by 30s and then 50s. My favorite years in fashion are 1946 and 1939. I also love the 70s styles that emulate 30s and 40s. My favorite designer (so far!) is Claire McCardell, followed by Bonnie Cashin. I have a very big fascination with Charles James...but who in her right mind wouldn't?

5. How do you sell things that you love and fit you? I don't ALWAYS have the willpower I'm sorry to say, but it is my business, and I do really, really love to put out the best things I can find. I occasionally save unusual items that I figure I can appreciate more than anyone...usually not the most valuable, but indelibly me.

Am I forgetting any of the other questions I often get? Please let me know!

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