Saturday, August 9, 2008

File under: Dream On

File under: Dream On

If you're bored and feel charitable, would you swing on by's website and vote for yours truly? The contest is Reinventing the not that one! Women over 40 (get it? F-word?) are eligible to submit photos and a 30-word or less description of their own favorite F word.

I am going with Finery, as that is what I get to work with every day--Lucky me!! I have already asked a number of people I know to "recommend" my photos, but for anyone left out there that I missed, would you please?

I should say that 1/3 the judging for the first round is based on viewers recommending photos. Over each photo is a Recommend to click on...I think that's the magic button.

If you are over 40, and female, you should show your own Fabulousness, Fashion, Ferociousness, Fitness, Funkiness and Freakin' Incredibility! I'll vote for you!

An excerpt from the page. If you want to vote, you need to go to the page through the link above. (Thank you!!)

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