Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The secretary just won’t quit!

For years now, The Secretary seems to be making fashion statements. No, I don't mean a modern office manager, I mean the "girl" from the steno pool, the one we all think we saw in an old movie, or that our aunt used to be.

And each new fashion season she keeps hitting the return...I guess we need her to take a letter?

Of course, The Secretary has to have a bow blouse, and this fall I was taken by the size of her bow:

I have a 1970s blouse with an XL bow listed on eBay:

Love this big bow appliqué from Etsy seller theVintageZoo:

Is that a touch of tromp l'oeil? She's in good historical company, thinking of Schiaparelli's trompe l'oeil bow sweaters of the 1920s:

But who is this with her own big bow?

Why it's Schiaparelli herself! I wonder if she knew shorthand?

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