Monday, August 25, 2008

Would you mind voting again?

If you are someone who would be willing, I'd be grateful if you would vote for me as one of 25 semifinalists for the More magazine contest I mentioned a few blogs ago, here. Apparently, in a complete change of the original rules, they are trying to narrow the top vote gatherers down to 5 before further consideration.

You may vote daily in this phase of the process...would you be so kind?

You may wonder if there's something worthy about my candidacy, and if so I applaud you for your skeptical, perhaps even cynical nature! We all need to vote for things that we can truly believe in.

Here are my arguments for your vote:

1. A vote for me is a vote for vintage. I'm advocating, as always, for vintage clothing with my words and picture. More has major readership, and my winning will truly make women over 40 think about vintage for the joy it is to me and is--or could be--for them.

2. I am already a tither and have already pledged to put 10% of the proceeds if I win to a good cause. You have my word.

3. With the rest of the proceeds I hope to help pay for the $1200 repair we had to do to my car recently.

4. You will guarantee I keep my smile for at least a half a year on such a wonderful success!

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