Thursday, December 31, 2009

My best vintage 2009

Everyone else has a year-end wrap up, so why not denisebrain?

These are some of my favorite items sold this year...not all, but I'm sure you'll agree there are plenty! I love pink, interesting prints, black and white, frothy party gowns, suits, velvet; here are some of the best in my favorite categories of the past year. I hope the new owners are wearing them in good health and supreme happiness!

There is always more where these came from, so do not despair if you missed out on something you love.

Amazing Lace
Long gown exuding 40s glamour
Sophisticated olive lace over gold taffeta
Unabashedly sweet palest blue
Terracotta orange with a glorious satin sash
Black lace over white taffeta, sparkling with rhinestones

Well suited
Mauve pink silk cocktail suit by Herbert Schneider

50s Anna Miller-label suit, probably designed by Bill Blass
A mid-40s "Hollywood Fashion Original"
60s silk and wool from Gino Rossi
Late 30s pinstripes

Big dark pearl buttons on a stylish little jacket by Monarch
Early 40s suit by Mangone - New York...unforgettable round buttons

50s chic by Rafi, complete with original tags

50s red wool bouclé knit sweater and skirt

International Original red python print suit

In the pink
Glossy fabric leaves 50s shell hat
Pink silk layered dress
Pink mohair sweater dress
Pink cashmere by Dalton
Pink "going away" dress, coat and hat from 50s wedding
40s rose pink rayon dress with golden studded crescent moons

Come rain or come shine
80s ruffled raincoat and umbrella
60s polka dot belted pea jacket
Raindrops print...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
Gingham circle skirt dress by Pixie of California...picnic anyone?

Rose-strewn cotton sateen

Gingham again, a great summer fabric
Even in the dead of winter
Soft yellow 40s coat, a handsome style obviously influenced by...
Original WWII-era WAVES coat
Ultra-warm 50s flaring coat

50s tapestry clutch coat

60s heavy, quilted silk coat and dress custom made in Thailand
50s windowpane check swing coat

Major, major shoulders and emerald gabardine, from the 40s

Soft focus
50s red party dress by Doris Dodson
Deep purple swing coat
Velvet and taffeta party dress
Emerald coat by Marguerite Rubel
Suzy Perette in cornflower blue
Gowns for a sweet tooth
50s strapless gown in yellow lace and tulle
60s velvet and sheer nylon party dress
Wedgwood green and black velvet 50s party gown

Pink jacquard and tulle 50s gown
Yellow party frock #2 from the 50s
Never used early 60s formal in bright pink and white

Bustle back 50s formal
Miles-of-tulle 50s gown

Embellished black
Ruffled Daniel Green slipper shoes

Jet beaded silk Victorian capelet
50s sequined party dress
40s long gown with gold sequins and beading
It's black and white
50s coin dot day dress

Polka dot sundress circled by rows of rickrack
Enid Collins-style bucket bag with haute-y French poodle
Unused 50s mismatch summer suit
40s Lilli Ann jacket with white beading
Dress like a star at home
40s bronze satin dressing gown
40s red roses hostess dress by Stella Fagin

20s padded embroidery robe
30s burn-out velvet hostess gown
Aloha vintage Hawaii
50s Shaheen pake mu
Kahala for Carol & Mary swimsuit cover from 1967, never worn

70s Shaheen with dramatic sleeves and neckline
Hawaiian cotton mermaid hem dress and its beau, a matching men's shirt
Prints charming (click on these for a better view of the prints)
40s smock with Old South print

Heart flowers print by Mode O'Day
50s strawberry print
Hot air balloon print
Bright flowers by Ceil Chapman, ca. 1949
40s pine cone print dress
40s sailor face print dress
Serbin leaf print dress and handbag

Wishing you all the best of love, hope, health, peace and joy in 2010

Yours very truly ...db