Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's an Etsy world, and we just live in it, part 2: Seattle, mi amor

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Seattle, and even though I live just 285 miles away in Spokane, I haven't been back in over two years. Last time I was there it was sunny and rainy and I saw a double rainbow for over an hour; just another typically spectacular day.

I miss Seattle, and went looking on Etsy for images to remind me of home. I even miss slugs...a little.

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Melissa Cole said...

Thanks for posting my print "Lucky Charm" to your blog. Although this crazy media-frenzied world leaves me breathless at times, it is really nice to make contact with fun new people like you via the web! All the best,

Niki Jackson said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! Niki

denisebrain said...

Well, thank you both for your wonderful items!

heather h said...

Thank you for posting our card, Denise. What a special surprise! I love your blog; all the vintage clothing makes me swoon!

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

After much deliberation, one of our percussionists is leaving to play in the Seattle Symphony. He is taking a leave of absence, but I think once he's lived there, he'll never return.

LOVE Seattle!

By the way, we took the Seattle Mariners' closer away from them and added him to the Mets bullpen.

denisebrain said...

So is losing a percussionist fair if you got a closer? I love Seattle too.

Heather, thank you! I love vintage too.