Thursday, June 18, 2009

You're a sight to see, Mrs. Gordon!

Every now and then I like to highlight a collection of clothing I get from one woman, such as I love my vintage clothing sources, A tiny fraction of Mrs. Alexander's Clothing, Another favorite source and The suitcase lot. Today, I'd like to show you Mrs. Gordon's clothing.

I never knew Mrs. Gordon, but I did have a music seminar with her daughter, who thought to call me when she needed to find a new home for her mother's clothing.

I don't know Mrs. Gordon, but I do think I have the right to say that she was a very stylish and interesting dresser, from the 40s right through the 70s. What do you think?

Interestingly, Mr. Gordon, who is at quite a ripe old age now, lost his eyesight from an injury he sustained during WWII; so Mrs. Gordon dressed beautifully even though her husband couldn't see her. I can't help but think that Mr. Gordon got to hear about his wife's beauty and sartorial charm. Here's looking at you, Mrs. Gordon!

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Glamoursurf said...


These are all stunning, I LOVE the grey shoes, and you wear it all so well. I don't know how you ever part with it all!