Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm in love (with my eCouture dress)

I just received my first purchase from Hollis Jenkins-Evans' eCouture line, exclusively on Etsy, and I am smitten. Not only is the dress beautifully recycled from existing parts, but it is completely stunning, edgy, interesting and with a vintage soul that I find impossible to resist.

As Hollis says on her Etsy profile:
"I believe unwanted clothing contains beauty. Used clothing made of natural fibers is the gold from which I create modern fashion. Whether classic or fun, my pieces are individually inspired and created, using wool, cotton, linen, silk and rayon with recycled buttons and trims. I believe in recycling labor, too. My aim is to reuse the best and most labor intensive construction features of the existing garment whenever possible."
(Hollis is a vintage clothing expert, costumer and seamstress extraordinaire, who knows of what she speaks.)
"I am inspired by the resourceful women of the past who altered, restyled, made do, reused, and were never, ever wasteful. Their clothing was treasured for years, and I hope mine will be too."

Doubtless my dress will be treasured forever! It is recycled from a black silk dress, embellished with vintage buckles (one at the base of a strap, one at the gathered up hem) mother of pearl rings and jet buttons.
"All eCouture by Jenkins & Evans clothing is made from 100% recycled clothing. It is purchased locally, keeping even more clothing out of landfills and rag bins, cleaned , then refashioned and sewn in our KY studio. We do not destroy vintage clothing, we reuse only modern garments. Each piece is therefore a custom, one of a kind garment."
I must say, nothing in my closet is more beautifully constructed, nor more unique.


Louise said...

That is a seriously hot dress. Well purchased.

denisebrain said...

Agreed, thank you!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Maggie - you make the dress, you really do.


denisebrain said...

Correction Hollis: YOU make the dress(es)! Brava!!