Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Once more with feeling, for the bears and Conservation Northwest

Each year in December I try to devote a portion of my sales to a cause that I feel strongly about. Last year at this time I decided to devote a portion of my sales to Conservation Northwest, and this year I am going to continue my effort for this great group.

The world is filled with deserving projects, but more and more I see the point of helping out in my own backyard. Conservation Northwest looks out for the wild Northwest and the balance between ecosystems, communities and wildlife.

Here in Washington State we have a very special backyard, with wolves, grizzly bears, woodland caribou, lynx, and spectacular ancient forests. None of these treasures are a given for the future, and Conservation Northwest is watching out for the wild, present and future. Of course these are the country's and the world's wild treasures too...rare, wonderful, and to be preserved by and for all.

Here are several of the items I am auctioning to benefit Conservation Northwest:

Enid Collin's "Knock on Wood" bag

50s lambswool/angora hand-beaded sweater

70s knit dress with abstract grass print

These are up now in my eBay auctions (denisebrain on eBay). There is much more to come, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite groups...thank you so much for doing this!

fuzzylizzie said...

Thank you Maggie. What a beautiful thing to do.