Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vote for your favorite vintage clothing website!

It is your chance to vote for your favorite vintage web site. Two years ago denisebrain was fortunate enough to be one of the top ten People's Choice favorites on the great Lulu's Vintage Blog list. Last year, Lulu herself picked denisebrain for her own top ten. If you would be willing to cast a vote for me, please go to Lulu's voting post and leave a comment that names denisebrain.

OR, if you like, go and name yourself or some other seller that you think rocks the trade. You may vote for your top 10 sites.

It is so great to have a chance to see such a large collection of vintage websites listed in one place. I am working my way through each and every link on Lulu's list and learning in the process. I have the utmost respect and admiration for so many of these great sellers and their sites.

1 comment:

Beaut said...

I love your vintage clothing and hope you do really well in the favourites.

I am going to give you a vote on Lulus site