Friday, July 2, 2010

I’m taking a Roamin’ Holiday!

OK, so it’s not an Airstream...but it IS pink!

Check out July's camping theme, and thanks again to Cindy for the cool suggestion! {sound up!}


osovictoria said...

What a great video, but it was to short want to see more! love the camp trailer. I love your concepts, I wonder if I can get my son-in-law to put me together a short video on something interesting, what an inspiration, thanks!

Louise said...

Gorgeous ... I love it. It is like early Barbie goes camping. Oh, and meets a bear.

Cindy said...

Maggie, you did an amazing job! I love that adorable pink trailer... it's perfect. Thank you again for choosing my suggestion. :)


Anonymous said...

I loveeeee this motif, M. Good work as always. Hugs and love from me, and thank most especially for the wee something extra. It resides on our bed. I love it, and I am so thankful for you and your friendship.

Hugs and love,

denisebrain said...

Thank you all and thank you again Cindy!

"Early Barbie goes camping. Oh, and meets a bear." Still laughing at the perfect subtitle from Louise!

I'm so pleased you liked your wee something, D. <3

Anonymous said...

Love this; so pink! Hope you're doing good!!