Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who are those mermaids?

Please visit my August theme, I hear the mermaids singing, and you'll see just who those mysterious sirens are!

Throughout the month of August, I am donating 25% of my sales to a cause very dear to my heart, endangered manatees, through Save the Manatee Club.

These gentle "mermaids" are having a very difficult year, with the winter's cold stress wiping out 10% of their already very limited population, and the Gulf disaster likely to affect their numbers even further. Every year many manatees, with no natural enemies, are injured and killed by motor boats. Please help endangered manatees by supporting Save the Manatee Club with me.

Any purchase from me (denisebrain web store, denisebrain on eBay, denisebrain on Etsy, or materialgirlbags on Etsy) will contribute 25% of the sale price to the cause.

Some current choices:


Anonymous said...

What wonderful generosity...they need our help!

denisebrain said...

Thank you, and yes they do!