Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 things: Green vintage

It's emerald city out there in the greater fashion world, and here are five vintage options from lime to olivine to emerald (click on photos to link to items):

1. Lettuce-edge party frock by Miss Elliette

2. Fiery emerald rhinestones by Hattie Carnegie

3. Frothy tulle and taffeta party dress extraordinaire

4. Fresh lime (I can't stop showing this one off!) by Bonnie Cashin

5. Splendid 30s silk gown by Yolande

Of course, vintage is recycling, so go green!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 things: Vintage coats

A few of the coat styles found right now at (click on photos for link to items):

1. Bright canvas

Iconic Bonnie Cashin, with leather trompe l'oeil shoulder bag pocket.

2. Band uniform braid

60s weighty wool with glittering buttons and elaborate braid.

3. Warm brown cashmere

Light, soft, and warm pure cashmere, with typically great 1950s buttons.

4. Surprise lining

1950s Lilli Ann cream wool clutch coat with satin stripe lining.

5. Tie-waist corduroy

Early 40s insulated cotton cord coat, labeled Neusteter's - Denver.

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 things: Vintage classics for fall

If you cast even a sideways glance at current fashion websites and magazines, you will see the strong presence of classic clothing that could have been made yesterday...or 40 years ago. Here are some vintage items that will put you in step with trends while—perhaps ironically—appearing timeless.

1. Camel coat

The look: Comfortable and elegant wrap style, camel-colored if not actual camel hair. Hard to think of somewhere it's not appropriate.

Camel coat heroine: Ali McGraw

One vintage option: Early 1970s, in my eBay shop

2. Leather bag

The look: Simple, elegant style and quality that looks like it will last a lifetime...and probably will.

Leather bag heroine: Bonnie Cashin
(Bonnie Cashin for Coach bags ca. 1968, by way of forums/
One vintage option: Non-Cashin mid-70s Coach bag in my Etsy store

3. Fit-and-flare dress

The look: A dress that celebrates an adult woman, mostly absent from fashion design for decades

Fit-and-flare dress hero: Christian Dior
(Robert Capa/Magnum Photos)
One vintage option: 1950s silk print dress by Claire McCardell, in the denisebrain web store

4. Leaves

The look: Jewelry you pull out just for autumn, especially in gold and rhinestones

Leaves hero: Granny
(Charlotte Cleo Meyers, Milky Way Jewels)
One vintage option: Golden leaves choker in my Etsy shop

5. Faux fur

The look: Guilt-free glamorous and fun coats and accessories

Faux fur heroine: Edie Sedgwick

One vintage option: Late 60s, in my webstore

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Studying the Classics

Fall’s runways showed plenty of classic styles, and where better to turn for classic than vintage?

Please visit the denisebrain September theme, Back to the Classics for inspiration!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am overjoyed!

I have just tallied up what you and I have been able to raise for manatees in the month of August, and I am practically speechless... $620.68! Never in a million Augusts could I have come up with that number out of my bank account, but by putting away a portion of the denisebrain proceeds, it was possible. Many of you have told me you purchased from me out of concern for manatees and a desire to help.

It gives me hope that anything is possible, and hope is needed for manatees. This is a terrible year for them, but people all over the world are coming to the rescue, through volunteer work, fund raising and contributions.

It's hard to really know about an animal that is under water, mainly off the coast of Florida in our country. Take a look at the Save the Manatee Club website for more about what that organization does, and what you can do to participate.

Thank you so much...denisebrain has the best customers!!