Friday, September 10, 2010

5 things: Vintage classics for fall

If you cast even a sideways glance at current fashion websites and magazines, you will see the strong presence of classic clothing that could have been made yesterday...or 40 years ago. Here are some vintage items that will put you in step with trends while—perhaps ironically—appearing timeless.

1. Camel coat

The look: Comfortable and elegant wrap style, camel-colored if not actual camel hair. Hard to think of somewhere it's not appropriate.

Camel coat heroine: Ali McGraw

One vintage option: Early 1970s, in my eBay shop

2. Leather bag

The look: Simple, elegant style and quality that looks like it will last a lifetime...and probably will.

Leather bag heroine: Bonnie Cashin
(Bonnie Cashin for Coach bags ca. 1968, by way of forums/
One vintage option: Non-Cashin mid-70s Coach bag in my Etsy store

3. Fit-and-flare dress

The look: A dress that celebrates an adult woman, mostly absent from fashion design for decades

Fit-and-flare dress hero: Christian Dior
(Robert Capa/Magnum Photos)
One vintage option: 1950s silk print dress by Claire McCardell, in the denisebrain web store

4. Leaves

The look: Jewelry you pull out just for autumn, especially in gold and rhinestones

Leaves hero: Granny
(Charlotte Cleo Meyers, Milky Way Jewels)
One vintage option: Golden leaves choker in my Etsy shop

5. Faux fur

The look: Guilt-free glamorous and fun coats and accessories

Faux fur heroine: Edie Sedgwick

One vintage option: Late 60s, in my webstore


Anonymous said...

What a great post! Love all your picks - and your right; it's so "in" to be in vintage styles right now.... loving it! Not that I ever cared that much about being "in" - but it's still cool ;)

denisebrain said...

I'm with you Christine, about being "in"...It's nice to see others being in with us!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday SUGAR PLUM! I love you so much, vintage sis!

denisebrain said...

Thank you, and much love to you VS!