Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweater set, patent date August 14, 1928

So great to see an 82-year old patent in action!

This Miriam Gross sweater set has a patent date of August 14, 1928, and thanks to a quick patent search, I found the original patent.

The sweater set is available on eBay this week—see it here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 things: Black velvet vintage

The greater fashion world has a velvet crush right now, and so I'm showing some of the black velvet from my inventory.

(Click on photos for more information about the items.)

1. 40s vintage cotton velvet top and skirt

2. 50s velvet cocktail suit with gold jacquard collar

3. 50s cotton velvet swing coat

4. ca. 1940 bias cut rayon velvet dress

5. Detail from early 40s velvet cape ought to have a sharp mind in a velvet sheath. -George Eliot

Saturday, October 9, 2010

John Lennon and I

John Lennon would have been 70 today.

When I was young, John was never far from my thoughts and aspirations. I wanted to be more like him: Funny, purposeful, searching, talented.

The interesting thing is he still means so much to me. I see him as a true artist, one who could touch millions of people without pandering. I see him as a true human being, one who used his own frailties to reach others. He cared about the world. Imagine is his anthem to the world.

A page from my high school notebook

When John died, Yoko's message included their young son Sean's words: "Now daddy is part of God. I guess when you die you become much more bigger because you're part of everything."

Arguably the last song John wrote was Grow Old Along With Me:

I wish John could grow old along with Yoko. I wish John and all of us could have grown old together. We need him more than ever.

Friday, October 8, 2010

5 things: Pink vintage for a cause

This October is the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A number of pink items in my eBay store are being sold to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer, my way of honoring those who have survived cancer, and remembering those who I will miss forever.

(Click on photos for more information about the items.)

1. 40s peach rayon blouse with pink sequins and clear beading

2. 50s designer jacket with great details

3. 3-part harmony by the beloved designer Bonnie Cashin

4. Hand-knit sweater jacket with roses

5. 80s blouse with fabulous ruffled collar

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let’s grow the best way

New doesn’t have a thing on old!
Visit my October theme: Let’s grow old today to see what I mean.