Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 things: Party dresses

Cocktails? Dinner? Dancing? Perhaps making cookies with your little ones (complete with holiday apron of course)? I have a few vintage options for your holiday wish list:

(Click on photos for more information about the items.)

1. 60s Vintage Travilla Black Dress
2. 50s Vintage Gorgeous Green Strapless Tulle and Taffeta Gown with Tulle Wrap
3. 50s Vintage Gold Lace Full-skirt Party Dress
4. 50s Vintage Black Rayon Sheath Dress with Rhinestone Detail & Cummerbund Waist
5. 50s Vintage Red Taffeta Party Dress with Contrasting Slip Meant to Show
Extra credit, on eBay this week: 50s Vintage Copper Lace Strapless Party Dress by Clifton Wilhite


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Eep! The green and copper dresses are just amazing.

denisebrain said...

The colors are a bit unusual in my experience. I'm glad you like them!

Hep~Kitten said...

your shop has gorgeous clothes.

denisebrain said...

Thanks! I'm happy you think so~