Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has arrived at the Vintage Fashion Guild!

Have you ever noticed how often new fashions are inspired by vintage style? The VFG notices, and showcases members’ items that illustrate the vintage inspirations for modern looks.

This spring we’ve cheered a continuing love affair with fit-and-flare, and the 1970s could not be more back. Line up some vintage stripes for a graphically current look, and look right in white from all eras.

{Click to see the lineup}

Many thanks to the members of the VFG Site Committee for their work in putting this feature together. I'm the co-chair along with Mary of The Vintage Merchant. The other members working on this were Debbie of Catseye Vintage, Linn of Linn's Collection and Sharon of Living Doll Vintage—and thanks to all the members of the VFG for their great photos interpreting modern trends.


Unknown said...

love your style :)

have you checked out this site called Tresor De Vintage?

its got dresses you might find appealing

denisebrain said...

Yes, quite appealing!