Friday, May 13, 2011

A great year in clothing

Quick, when was this photo taken?

If at first glance you thought 1970s, I'm right there with you. The actual date is 1939, it's a slip dress designed by Charles Armour. The dress was made of gingham, and worn with an organdy jacket.

The photo, found in New York Fashion: The Evolution of American Style, sent me looking for clothing from 1939, especially evening dresses of daywear fabrics like cotton and wool, or daywear prints like stripes and plaids.

Further inspiration:

Lisa Fonssagrives on the Eiffel Tower by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1939, found online at with a cherry on top

This magnificent 1930s striped dress can be found at Sheila Cook Textiles

I love this cotton 30s lace gown found at Poppy's Vintage Clothing

You could make your own from a 1939 reproduction pattern found at Eva Dress:

and maybe a vintage inspired plaid

There is so much more to love about the year 1939 in clothing, from trouser dressing to surrealism, and I hope to explore the year more in future posts.

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Puff's Mommy said...

Bump standing on the Eiffel Tower like that. It's so windy up there, the whole thing sways in the breeze (it's meant to so it won't fall over). When I turned one of the corners on the very top deck, the wind was blowing so hard up there that it forced itself into my lungs. It's so painful. Mad props to the model who risked it all like that.