Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get the Look: Emma Peel

I think I may have seen one or two Avengers episodes as a child, and I remember how funny, bright and eccentric everything seemed. Fast forward to college when a fellow musician walked up to me and said I looked like Mrs. Peel. I stayed up to 2AM to see reruns of the show and loved it; I just had to know everything about Mrs. Peel and John Steed, my favorite of The Avengers.

Since then, even with a somewhat vague appearance connection, I like to think, act, speak and even dress like Emma Peel, at least some of the when I need to foil some diabolical mastermind. She is my heroine extraordinaire.

Emma Peel's fashions evolved in her 1965-67 stint on the show, starting where Honor Blackman's Cathy Gale character had left off, with pretty but rather conventional 60s clothing, and a solid dose of black leather. Then came inventive styles by John Bates, and later Alun Hughes. Bates created haute mod black and white get-ups, and mini skirts before they had become mainstream. Later she was known for wearing Hughes' bright stretch knit (crimplene) "fighting suits," used for her highly accomplished martial arts and fencing scenes.

Some items in my shops that seem good for both a karate kick and a glass of champagne:


osovictoria said...

Always loved her style. That white collar and boot thing is a little over the top, what was she doing in that scene?

Your fashion picks from your shop are right on. That little black and white stripped number is to cute.

Val said...

You do look like her. :) I love (love love) that orange dress/coat set.

Denise said...

I LOVED Mrs. Peel and John Steed as well. There was a tear in my eye when Mrs. Peel's long-lost husband turned up and whisked her away.

In my opinion, the series was never the same with Tara King.

denisebrain said...

Victoria, that outfit appeared just once, at the end of an episode when she and Steed motored away in a very vintage car. I think the intention was over the top...the Ultra Mod vs. the Edwardian. She played it like it was funny too.

I recently read Patrick Macnee's The Avengers and Me and he said he had a tear in his eye at the same moment you mention Denise. Even though he was gallant about it, I don't think he felt it was the chemistry ever after.

Val, I love hearing that again. :)

Unknown said...

Ahhhh, you KNOW I thoroughly approve of this! You look incredible in those photos.

I have two pieces of licensed Avengerswear, as well as a pile of Sixties John Bates frocks, but neither are my dream pieces sadly. :(

I'm not a great fan of the Hughes-era but he had a few good moments.

denisebrain said...

Ah, the Oracle has spoken! I know you are the ultimate Avengers source.

I'd love to see which Avengerswear pieces you have! I especially love that white top with black V neck and the black trousers with white cuffs.

Michigan Patriot said...

Diana Rigg is the " reason " for the Avengers t.v. series to become immortal. Her acting, her character and her ultra-sexy and athletic outfits completed this character to perfection !