Friday, October 28, 2011

Haunted dress story!

In honor of Halloween, I must tell you about a dress I sold some years ago.

The dress that didn't want to leave my house

When I bought this beautiful blue-grey satin dress it had a small stain at the neckline, so I took it to the cleaners. I removed the four rhinestone buttons on the sleeves so they would not be damaged in cleaning. The dress came back without stain. I bought perfectly matching thread to sew the buttons back on then hung the dress up on a rack below an open staircase. A month later, while going up the stairs, I tripped and spilled my dinner a bit. Some salsa splashed on this dress. Very frustrated, I took the dress to be cleaned again, removing the buttons again. It came back perfectly clean, I sewed on the buttons.

Then, a month later, I went to sell the dress, and there was a stain at the neckline again, and I have not a clue as to how it got there. Extremely frustrated, I removed the buttons again. I waited about 6 months to take the dress to the cleaners again (being slightly freaked out by this) and it came back perfectly clean. Then I went to sew the buttons back on and could only find 3 of the 4. I searched high and low.

Finally, after several months, the fourth button turned up in an unlikely spot. I went to sew the buttons on, and the perfectly-matched thread was nowhere to be found. I found a pretty similar grey-ish thread and stitched the buttons on, but noticed that one of the rhinestones had fallen out that was previously in place.

I photographed the dress, and by now I was a bit on edge about this series of mishaps. I was excruciatingly careful with it every step of the way. When I uploaded the photos from my camera, the computer crashed, something that positively never happens. When I restarted, the photos were gone (again, this never happens!), so I took more, with even more excruciating care.

The dress sold, and I boxed it up. By now, I was talking to it soothingly, like, "it's okay, you are going to a good home, and you'll like it there." When I got to the post office, my delivery confirmation sticker would not scan! (I'm not making any of this up!) The postal worker put on a new sticker.

The woman who bought the dress truly loved it, and I hope the dress loved her too and didn't give her too much trouble!


T. Eliza said...

Cute story! And what a gorgeous dress!

denisebrain said...

It was such a beauty! I felt for the dress, and had a bit of a sense of it having a memory.

The Witchery Vintage said...

Wow! I love this story!