Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's resolution: Wear vintage, stage 1

Great first vintage items, a little about condition

I have been wearing vintage clothing a long time now, but I realize many people are new to it. You keep hearing about vintage styles, you see it in television shows, on Hollywood stars, and even the First Lady. It's a New Year's resolution to start wearing vintage. How do you get started?

I recommend choosing something that has no fit issues, such as a vintage brooch. What sort is up to you and your style. Go spare and refined or go over-the-top gaudy; Deco rhinestones or plastic; your initials or your favorite dog. Try browsing on Etsy, in the vintage category.

Mod blue/green flower at linea72, Lucite Y at decotodiscovintage, rhinestone poodle at mimisvintageshop, Art Deco at ThePrancingFox, bakelite cherries at cherylkumiskiglass, all Etsy shops. Photo on right, J. Crew

Another good choice for a starting piece is a vintage bag. Although a huge array can be found, generally bags over 20 years old were not as large as they are now. Even if a large tote is not as common to find, there are lots of choices in evening bags. This 60s beaded clutch is on sale at TravelingCarousel:

For a beginning vintage buyer I'd recommend buying items that are in excellent condition, which generally is the top condition other than unused or mint, which is quite rare. If something is listed as excellent, there should be no real flaws, or flaws that are so small that they don't call attention. You need to look carefully at the condition, including details about flaws. Also, look at the seller's feedback and reputation.

As a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild I can vouch for the members' reputations; although you don't have to be a member of the VFG to be an excellent, reputable vintage seller, I believe you won't go wrong with a VFG member.

{to be continued}


Pam Turlow said...

Hello Maggie! I think this is a great idea for a blog post, to get newbie vintage enthusiasts started on the right foot. Might I add that another way to ease into it is if there's a piece a loved one has (or had) that has some sort of sentimental value, wearing that piece might be a great, heart-centered way to begin. It's a tangible way to time travel that has personal meaning. Best to you - you always share such great info and carry such quality items!

denisebrain said...

Pam, I hope everyone reads your comment, because that is an excellent suggestion!

Wearing something from someone special, someone in your history, really is one of the great joys of vintage!

stuckinazoo said...

I agree. Vintage jewelry is beautiful and a conversation starter! On another note, that beaded clutch is adorable!