Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's resolution: Wear vintage, stage 1 continued

Some more good first vintage choices, and a reader suggestion

Have you found your vintage brooch? As I described in my last blog, a vintage brooch, or vintage evening bag, may be just the item to get your vintage wardrobe started.

Of course, other items without fit issues are great starters too. If you like scarves, hooray for you, because there are many gorgeous vintage scarves to be found.

Just a few of the variety of vintage scarves to be found at Northstar Vintage on Etsy

I'm sure you can think of other vintage items without fit concerns, such as capes, umbrellas and earrings. These all make good first steps in the land of vintage.

In a comment on my first blog in this series, Pam wrote
...if there's a piece a loved one has (or had) that has some sort of sentimental value, wearing that piece might be a great, heart-centered way to begin. It's a tangible way to time travel that has personal meaning.
That is such a great point, and so often there is a brooch, necklace or other item still in the family from times gone by.

Angela Neustatter (mailonline) wrote about keeping the memory of her mother alive by wearing her clothes and accessories, including this brooch

Next time: Get out your measuring tape!


Valerie Boersma said...

I have two of my Uncle Pete's tie clasps-I wish I could think of a clever way to wear them:)

denisebrain said...

Hi Valerie,

You're a bag maker...maybe something like this?: I used 1930s tie clasps for this bag, and lined it with a men's jewelry print.

Or how about you wear a tie? : )

T. Eliza said...

I love wearing my grandmother's vintage jewelry. It's classy, unique, and makes me feel closer to her. ♥

Valerie Boersma said...

I LOVE the bag, Maggie! Great idea! I am needing a new bag for myself and your idea is perfect!

And you know, back in the 80's I did wear ties (I think a lot of us did) ;) I wonder if I still remember how to tie one:)