Friday, January 27, 2012

New Year's resolution: Wear vintage, stage 3 continued

Let vintage hats go to your head

I'll say it right now: I have a big head. I didn't think I could even wear hats because I had the experience of some not fitting, then I discovered that there are many styles of vintage hats that have a fit that works for many, and styles galore to choose from. My personal favorites are from the first half of the 40s, when all the pent-up whimsy and fashionability that couldn't be budgeted and rationed into clothing choices during WWII could go to a girl's head. If the hats are green, even better.

The actress Gene Tierney, photographed by John Rawlings
For those of you who think sure, that's fine for you, but I can't wear a hat, let alone a vintage hat, let me tell you a true story: A friend of mine (not a vintage wearer) found a vintage hat that she loved. It wasn't over-the-top, just a nice, simple navy blue felt hat with a small brim from the mid to late 40s. My friend took a bus to work daily, and her commute involved crossing a busy street to get to the bus stop. The day she started wearing her vintage hat, cars stopped for her to cross, people commented on how well she looked...and she felt well! Don't underestimate your ability to wear a vintage hat and make it your own.

Gene Tierney photographed by Rawlings again, with a hat not unlike my friend's
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Like some more inspiration? Have a look at Already Pretty's blogpost on Flattering Hats for Every Head. Even though the information refers mainly to new hats, there is sage advice to be read. 


T. Eliza said...

What a sweet post! I love hats and hope to someday get my hands on a '40s hat. I really adore the late '30s/early '40s "mannish" felt hats for women--don't know what they're called but they look like little shrunken fedoras, worn tilted over one eye. ♥

denisebrain said...

Tia, you could call those doll hats (for the smaller size) and tilt hats (for the tilt over one eye). They have such character!