Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage basketball in honor of March Madness

My grandmother, 2nd from right, in 1915

My aunt told me this about the photo: "The WNC stands for Wesleyan Normal College. 1915 is likely to be the proper date, or perhaps 1916. Mother graduated from high school at 15 and her father thought that was too young to go off to college. The next year she went to normal school, which is what they called teachers' colleges in those days, and was the education proper young ladies were expected to follow."  ...and basketball was obviously part of that proper education! 


Lizzie - The Vintage Traveler said...

I love this? Did she ever teach?

denisebrain said...

I am going to need to ask my aunt, because I'm not sure...and I'm curious. She didn't teach long if at all.

Sadly, I hardly knew my grandmother even though she lived into my lifetime.

Denise said...

Just an interesting tidbit...back in those days when young ladies played basketball, it was only on half the court. In the 70's when I was playing BB in high school, my grandma and great aunts all thought it was the strangest thing that we played the full court:)

denisebrain said...

That's interesting Denise—I guess there would be less chance of mussing one's Gibson Girl hairstyle!