Friday, April 27, 2012

My miraculous seamstress

A little while ago in my blog (Altered reality, 2/6/12) I discussed the usefulness of knowing or being a good seamstress or tailor for help with perfecting the fit of vintage clothing, and for fixing mendable flaws.

Right now I have the privilege of having a very skillful seamstress doing vintage clothing mending that is beyond me. I say privilege because this woman is incredibly good, from defining what to do to solve sometimes very difficult issues, to her immaculate execution. I am more than privileged...I’m thrilled with her work!

Lots of what my seamstress has done for me is restoring hems, elastic, buttonholes and other more basic things. She just does it so much better than I.

Then there are the more advanced jobs. This gorgeous Southland Casuals dress had been damaged around the edge of its illusion neckline. My seamstress re-hemmed the illusion with the original’s microscopic hem (wouldn’t want to spoil the invisible effect of the illusion). It’s missing about a millimeter of its original size, but no one would know.

This top came to me as a sheath dress, with damage near its hem (like very hard to ignore holes and stains). Even after cleaning, it still had stains on the center front of the skirt only about 5" down from the waist. I thought of shortening the dress to a tunic length, but the stains near the waist would still show. Here is what my seamstress did: She made a rounded cut-away peplum, keeping the pockets. In back, she kept the dramatic center swath of fabric that hangs from the waist, just a bit longer than the hem. This will soon be available in my Etsy store.

I ♥ my seamstress! 


Louise said...

That last dress is amazing- will be stalking your Etsy!
Isn't it a shame that there are less and less really good seamstresses out there. I had a brilliant one who could mend anything but sadly she died a few years back (she was in her 70's). We have such a throw away mentality nowadays that most people can't be bothered to fix anything.

fabriquefantastique said...

Lucky, lucky you, she is worth her weight in gold

denisebrain said...

I am so lucky—I hope she never retires! I have run out of re-weavers in the area, sadly.

Rusted Silk said...

Your seamstress is incredible! We've got a really good one as well, please check it out: Rusted Silk

Unknown said...

Wow! That's amazing! That was very creative. That used to be dress looks like a fantastically designed top now!