Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage convergence, Pat Premo edition

Recently I was trying to figure out what sort of tie was originally worn with this dress by the designer Pat Premo, and lo and behold, I found the dress, in an ad dated 1954 (Damn Good Vintage Blog is the source of the ad). 

The beautiful dress, minus its original tie, is now available in my webstore. I'm not sure if that white over-collar was ever part of my dress. Mine also would not have had a belt, with a waistband constructed to be like a belt. So it’s similar, but not exactly the same dress.

I don't have the ad model’s 20" waist, but you can see the dress does quite a bit to flatter one’s waist anyway!

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osovictoria said...

I know in some of the 60s ads I posted the photographer and magazine had taken some liberties with the details of a design, such as adding belts or scarves. I wonder if that is not the case with your dress, it looks exactly like the photo, except as you mentioned the belt and white over the collar. I see it from 1954, any idea of the month or magazine? Our local University still carries the hard covers to Vogue, Mademoiselle, American Fabrics, and a few others, some of them dating back to the 30s. Just curious. The dress looks lovely on you, you are such a model for your vintage.

denisebrain said...

Victoria, thanks...I love wearing the vintage clothes I sell, even if just for photos!

Julie (of Damn Good Vintage Blog) said she thinks that the Pat Premo photo was found in one of her Vogue magazines. It’s been awhile since she scanned it.

It’s true, they styled (and still style) clothes for photos. This dress is just great either way I think!

osovictoria said...

I went to the library and they only had the Vogues going back to Jan of 1955. Even so, from Jan to the March issues they offered lots of styles with the large collars on the dresses and coats. I did get some great photos with some unique details on the dresses. Finished up with shots of the bathing suits in the Jan issue. It is interesting how the Vogue magazine was laid out, they always started with a Lilli Ann dress. Just looking through the pages made me fall in love with vintage all over again

denisebrain said...

“Just looking through the pages made me fall in love with vintage all over again”

Ah! That’s what it’s all about!