Friday, July 20, 2012

Why you should vote for (or at least check out) denisebrain

There are just a few more days left to cast your vote for your favorite 1, 2, 3 or up to 10 vintage clothing websites on Lulu’s Vintage Blog. Lulu’s annual contest gives us all the opportunity to see a great list of vintage sites—there are always some new sites to see as well as the chance to catch up with old favorites.

I would love your vote, and in the spirit of political campaigning, here is a list of the things I am most proud of about my business. I don’t usually blow my own horn, but since I have no Super PAC to do it for me, here goes.

I have been in business online since 1999.

I have always treated buyers as I’d like to be treated myself: with respect, kindness and honesty.

In my approximately 12,000 sales, many on eBay and Etsy—both sites where a feedback system helps build trust in a seller—I have received just two neutral ratings (no reason given and no contact), and no negative feedback.

No one has ever told me I measured something wrong. Given my math skills, this is a feat.

I donate a percentage of my sales as often as I can for causes ranging from disaster relief to endangered species protection. On average, with the help of my customers, I have donated at least $1000 and recently over $1500 annually.

I love vintage clothing, and my strongest hope is that this is infectious to others.

Thank you for your vote, and for having a look at


P.S. Some other things you might enjoy: I have written a guide to wearing vintage here on my blog, and in it you might find answers to some of your burning questions. To find out more about the fabrics used for vintage clothing, have a look at the Fabric Resource I just published for the Vintage Fashion Guild.

See some of my customers in their vintage purchases in my Facebook album You in your vintage clothing. If you are on Facebook, why not join me there?

Just for fun, you can see this month’s theme, Get it Together, and many of my past monthly themes are in my several theme-o-matics—always available from my current theme page.

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