Friday, August 3, 2012

Going up?

{Click image to view, sound up}

For my August monthly theme I was inspired by the old department store elevator—“2nd floor, shoe salon”—and the anticipation I would feel going up. I loved the grand old Frederick & Nelson in Seattle, with each floor a new adventure, from the Paul Bunyan Room of the basement to the Tearoom of the 8th floor.

In honor of my theme, for August I'm changing my usual slogan Top Drawer Wearable Vintage to Top Floor Wearable Vintage! : )


Second Hand Roze said...

I love this. I too miss the old days of department stores with different departments on each floor. Not to mention the charming gentlemen who would push the buttons for us lest we sully our precious white cotton gloves.

Oh my! I believe I have dated myself! Alas. It isn't easy being vintage!

- Second Hand Roze

denisebrain said...

Being vintage means we have some great memories!